The Best New TV Shows & Movies This Week: 'Palm Springs'

Hulu's 'Palm Springs' might be the only dope thing to drop this week. Welp!

Best of the Week: TV Shows and Movies
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Best of the Week: TV Shows and Movies

Yeah, you read that right: this week's "best of" is only one project, the new film from Andy Samberg that's on Hulu. Not to say that there isn't solid stuff out there, but best of the week? Sometimes the picking are slim.

Is that so bad? There can be a week, during a summer that feels off in a year that feels done, to have a week where there's just one fire release out the numerous streaming services and channels out there. Hell, think of it like this: if you haven't rocked with Palm Springs, let us tell you WHY you should check it out, then after the film is done, you've got the rest of your time to binge the shows you've said you were going to check out, or re-run The Office. Whatever works. 

'Palm Springs'

Palm Springs

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