Ben Affleck Might Have Just Teased Deathstroke And Twitter Went Insane

Did Ben Affleck just tease Deathstroke's entrance in the DC Extended Universe?

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Back in July, Zack Snyder shocked the world with a teaser for Justice League, which isn't even set to hit theaters until November of 2017. With the bad taste that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad left in people's mouths, they need to hit a home run with both Wonder Woman and Justice League, and based on Ben Affleck's latest tweet (which you can see up above), true DC fans might be in for a REAL treat.

While there's zero context to the footage on that monitor, one has to guess that Ben's just shared some footage of Deathstroke, the mercenary who's been terrorizing the DC Comics universe since 1980. He's appeared in The CW's Arrow television show, and he's had beef with both Batman and the Teen Titans, so it'd make sense that the fan favorite killer–who's been rumored to being "saved" for a future DC project–would appear in Justice League, or the upcoming Batman film that Affleck is writing and directing.

Sadly, there are no concrete details on what Deathstroke is doing or will be doing (although The Wrap reports that Deathstroke will be the main villain in the next Batman film), but that hasn't stopped Twitter from going nuts with the speculation.

This Deathstroke footage Ben Affleck posted. What the fuck. What the fuck. What the fuck.
if it ends up being just Ben Affleck dressing as Deathstroke I will choke him
DeathStroke will be in the DCEU. We'll see live action batman vs DeathStroke. What a time to be alive. #DeathStroke
Nah that Batman VS Deathstroke fight scene is confirmed greatest fight scene ever. I know we haven't seen it yet, but it's gonna be flames
If DC puts Deathstroke in a movie then they're better than Marvel there's no debating this
1st day of class and my phone buzzes. Its fucking Deathstroke and I loudly say "oh shit!" in the middle of a lecture
The day Ben Affleck dropped #Deathstroke footage >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the day Jesus resurrected.

And I am a Christian.

Hopefully Affleck could hook these salivating fans up with more information, but for now, heads will be dissecting this quick clip for all kinds of clues and conspiracies. Well played, Batfleck. Well played.

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