Ms. Marvel has concluded its six-episode Disney+ run at an uncertain time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the MCU’s continued, unprecedented commercial success, there is a growing critical backlash—a sentiment that this multi-billion dollar experiment in narrative storytelling has peaked and lost its way.

And while it’s true that the MCU is in a rebuilding phase—and shouldn’t be expected to reach the heights of Infinity War or Endgame—there is a definite sprawl with the current crop of television shows and movies. There are a lot of character introductions without follow-ups and many mysterious objects and loose ends without any resolution.

We need to get some answers, and soon. And that’s why it’s unfortunate that Ms. Marvel has not gotten the levels of hype and public attention that WandaVision, Hawkeye, or even Loki received. Because more than any of those, Ms. Marvel charts a clear path forward. It connects the Phase 4 movies together, and it gives us a good inkling of where this all is headed. Ms. Marvel shows us that there is a plan, even if it is a circuitous one.

And now that people know how important Ms. Marvel is to the bigger picture, let’s hope more people watch it. It’s a fantastic, fun show with a big heart. And Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), the MCU’s teenaged American Muslim superhero, is a fully realized character who forges an emotional connection with the audience—so much so, that you can’t help but smile when she finally takes to the streets of Jersey City dressed in her full superhero gear.

Here are 30 of the best Easter eggs and references we found in Ms. Marvel. And spoiler alert: We break down the big reveal in the season finale that turns everything on its head. You’ve been warned.