Donald Trump Supporter Calls For Black Protestor to be Burned Alive

Things got out of hand.

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If there’s one thing Donald Trump is a master at, it’s inciting hate with his divisive speech. After calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering America, a number of political and public figures criticized him while the majority of his supporters fully backed the Islamophobic policy.

But during a rally in Las Vegas on Monday night, supporters of the Republican hopeful continued the growing trend of advocating violence as protestors are being manhandled. In a video captured by BuzzFeed’sMcKay Coppin, a black protestor experienced those rough hands and then a Trump supporter called for him to be set on fire. No, this is not a scene from Mississippi Burning. It’s real life. 

And about ten minutes into the Trump rally, this happens.

Where have we seen such animosity and insensitivity to violence bred by hate speech before? 

According to Coppin, this was the “5th or 6th scuffle” of the evening. 

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