'SNL' Takes on Drake's Dad Dancing in the Ultimate "Hotline Bling" Parody

"Shimmy like a drunk guy when his team scores."

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Say what you want about Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live because at least one good thing came from last night’s controversial episode—this “Hotline Bling” parody. Since the release of the original video, a number of remakes poking fun at Drake’s dance moves exploded all over the Internet. From "Bernie Sanders" imitating his moves to a gospel choir performing their own version of the song to a website turning it into a disco, we’ve seen it all…or so we thought.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, comedian Jay Pharoah steps into the rapper’s grandpa sweater-wearing, dad dancing shoes to remind everyone that there are no limits to how many times the video can be parodied. Check the above video and, for Pete’s sake, don’t ever stop making fun of those meme-worthy moves. 

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