There's a 'Lip Sync Battle Jr.' in the Works

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Lip Sync Battle is about to become a real family affair. The popular series, which features celebrity cameos likeBeyoncéjoining Channing Tatum for a stellar rendition of "Who Run the World (Girls) or Jenna Dewan Tatum's rated-R striptease, is getting its own spin-off on Nickelodeon.

Varietyreports that Lip Sync Battle Jr. is in the works on the kid friendly network. The series will follow a similar format as its parent show but will also include new elements that will allow the young ones to shine. The new series will have help from Casey Patterson and Jay Peterson, who also produced the flagship show.

 "On the long list of wonderful surprises about Lip Sync Battle is our family co-viewing," they said in a joint statement. "Lip Sync Battle’s multigenerational appeal is our favorite part of the show and the whole Lip Sync Battle family is very excited about developing a new music based, comedy variety format to showcase how much our Lip Sync Battle kids rock! It’s all the fun of Lip Sync Battle, only smaller."

So no raunchy dancing or elaborate set designs? Not sure about this one. If Kidz Bop has taught us anything, it’s that some things should be left to the grown folks.

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