The Team’s Still Figuring Things Out in 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Work it out.

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When you bring together a motley crew of personalities, you can’t expect everyone to get along. That’s the problem the team in DC's Legends of Tomorrow is facing while traveling through time to save the world. Things were already off to a rocky start when Rip Hunter lied to everyone about being chosen for the job. It turns out they were picked because, in the future, their lives left little impact on the world.

In an effort to change that, the group (made up of Firestorm, Ray Palmer, White Canary, Hawkgirl, Heat Wave and Captain Cold) joins the mission anyway. Well, most of them did it voluntarily. Dr. Stein, one half of the uniquely merged superhero Firestorm, drugged his other half Jax, and essentially forced him to come along.

As they bicker, the rest of the gang is still figuring out how they fit together. That conflict mirrors the style of the show, which can’t tell of it wants to be The Flash, Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Who. It’s still early in the season, but they’ll need to figure it out soon. Two Green Arrows are rumored to be appearing. Good luck, team.

DC’s Legend of Tomorrow airs Thursdays nights on the CW Network.

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