If there’s one thing the team behind The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon excels at, it’s coercing celebrities to do fun and weird things. Whether it’s Demi Lovato and Arianna Grande serving up their best Christina Aguilera impressions, Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning smashing raw eggs on his face, Hugh Jackman awkwardly miming the phrase "go with the flow" or Taraji P. Henson having a full-on fake telephone conversation as Cookie Lyon, visiting stars appear to be up for just about anything.

Such was the cast when Gwyneth Paltrow stopped by. The actress was recruited for a game called "First Textual Experience," in which she and host Jimmy Fallon sing embarrassing first text messages between men and women who are trying to date. Most were awkward enough but accidentally typing "manboobs" instead of "Monday" is something we can all relate to on a personal level. The bit also reminded us that Paltrow actually has a decent singing voice. But hey, this is the same person who passed as a believable recording artist in the big screen drama, Country Strong.

Check out the video above for some truly unique texting exchanges.