Harvey Weinstein Defends 'The Hateful Eight,' Says People Are "Just Fishing for Stupidity"

Calls Tarantino the “most pro-woman ever.”

Quentin Tarantino’s films are distinguished by their gratuitous use of violence and derogatory dialogue, but many are calling his latest flick utterly misogynistic. In The Hateful Eight, star Jennifer Jason Leigh receives an elbow to the nose and scalding hot stew to the face, among other explicit acts.

Tarantino has since responded to the criticisms by saying the violence is meant to make people uncomfortable and hate Kurt Russell’s character. Now, executive Harvey Weinstein is coming to the film’s defense, Varietyreports. When asked about the alleged misogyny, he pointed out Tarantino’s extensive filmography as proof of the opposite.

“This guy is the most pro-woman ever,” he said. “[Look at] Uma Thurman [in Kill Bill], Pam Grier [in Jackie Brown], Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger [in Inglourious Basterds]. If there are cries of misogyny, we will sit down and make them watch Jackie Brown, and at the end of the Jackie Brown seminar, they will have to say, ‘Hey, we’re just fishing for stupidity.'”

Even Leigh has spoken out about the controversy. “Quentin writes the best parts for women out there,” she toldVariety earlier this month. “He really does. He writes very brave, bold, insane, fabulous women. Nobody writes women like he does.”

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