This Gorilla Isn't Impressed by One Man's Pictures of Other Gorillas

This gorilla is not impressed by pictures of other gorillas.

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Navigating through your Facebook feed often means scrolling past gratuitous selfies, humbebrag posts or countless pictures of food which make deactivating and going off the grid seem like a good plan. At least, that’s the vibe we’re getting from a gorilla whose name may or may not be Jelani according to YouTube user Paul Ross.

In an effort to bond with the hairy primate, Ross showed his new pal some steamy photos of different gorillas but Jelani was not too impressed. The minute and a half clip shows him thoughtfully staring at one pic as if to contemplate whether or not this one was attractive. In another instance, he immediately shakes his head “no” (which is the equivalent of a quick left swipe on Tinder).

A fair warning to all the other gorillas out there: this Western Lowland Gorilla housed at the Louisville Zoo is not enthralled by your amateur selfies. Do better. 

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