Exclusive: Tom Holland Chats With Jazzy's World TV in NYC Ahead of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Premiere

The 11-year-old reporter linked up with the actor on Dec. 10, the week before the 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Friday, Dec. 17 premiere, while he was out for a

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Tom Holland is having one hell of a year, but so is Jazlyn Guerra with her viral show Jazzy’s World TV. The 11-year-old reporter linked up with the action star on Dec. 10, a week before the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere while he was out for a stroll around Central Park in New York City. While Jazzy usually keeps her interviews a secret until she drops them on her Instagram and YouTube pages, the surprise was spoiled after the pair was spotted chatting it up at the park by the Daily Mail over the weekend.

Jazzy’s World TV has shared the exclusive interview with Complex and she asked him about his struggles with dyslexia as a child, how he switches from his British accent to an American accent so seamlessly, and asked the actor to share some words of wisdom for younger kids. “Making sacrifices for your career is always important but I think we should all work to live rather than live to work, so make sure that those sacrifices are worth it,” Holland said. “Pursuing a career is one thing, but living a happy life is another.” 

Tom Holland Jazzys World TV SpiderMan No Way Home Interview

Jazzy is fresh off a viral Jay Z conversation, she interviewed Alicia Keys earlier this week,  and her interview with A$AP Rocky is also in the works. Her conversation with Holland is her latest addition to her already long list of big names she has talked to, and he also happens to be one of her favorite Hollywood stars. “The interview was really inspirational and I think people will learn something from watching it,” Jazzy told Complex after meeting the Marvel star. “He’s one of my favorite actors because he’s really enthusiastic with his voice. I love his role in Spider-Man and I can’t wait for the new movie.”

When she asked him how he gets rid of his British accent for his roles, instead of sharing any tips the actor quickly shifted into an American accent halfway through answering the question. “My favorite part of the interview was when he turned his English accent into an American accent, I thought that was really funny how he slowly changed it and I didn’t even catch [on] to it.  He’s really awesome,” she said. “I’m a kid and I got to meet the actor from Spider-Man? That’s really big and I loved it.”

Check out Jazzy’s full interview with Tom Holland above, and visit her YouTube channel for more. Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on Friday, Dec. 17,

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