A Timeline of Everything Amanda Bynes Has Gone Through Since Her Nickelodeon Days

What happened to Amanda Bynes? We’re covering what life has been like for her and the legal battles she has faced since she left her acting days behind.

Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes

Anyone who grew up watching Nickelodeon in the ’90s could easily recognize Amanda Bynes’ incredible talent. Bynes caught our attention in shows like All That and The Amanda Show, the latter of which she hosted from 1999 to 2002. At first, it seemed like her post-Nickelodeon career would be just as bright and she went on to star in movies like Big Fat Liar, She’s the Man, Hairspray, and the sitcom What I Like About You for four seasons. She had all the makings to become one of Hollywood’s funniest and most talented stars.

With the success of those projects, it appeared like Bynes was going to be able to dodge the usual curse that many child stars tend to face. They go from having a promising future in acting to lamenting what could’ve been. She was on her way to having a thriving and booming acting career as an adult, but her appearances in movies and TV began to slow down and legal troubles soon followed. Bynes was arrested for drunk driving in April 2012, and that set off a string of other run-ins with the law that ended up with her parents filing for conservatorship in 2013. 

The conservatorship ended in 2022 after a judge deemed her ready to care for herself, but Bynes was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold nearly a year later. The actor has had a long history of problems that have gotten in the way of her career and have made her nearly unrecognizable after being one of TV’s most beloved personalities. 

We’re breaking down what life has been like for Bynes and the battles she has faced and fought since she left her acting days behind.

Amanda Bynes announces her retirement from acting 

Amanda Bynes arrives at the grand opening of Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Amanda Bynes arrested for drunk driving

Amanda Bynes legal troubles

Bynes gets charged with marijuana possession

Amanda Bynes Arrested

Parents file for conservatorship

Amanda Bynes Parents

Amanda Bynes is placed under a mental health hold

Amanda Bynes spotted at LAX in 2015

Amanda Bynes gets probation for DUI

Screenshot of Amanda Bynes from Instagram

Amanda accuses dad of abuse 

Amanda Bynes legal troubles

Amanda’s mom becomes her conservator again 

Amanda Bynes Mom

Bynes shares bipolar and manic depressive diagnosis 

Amanda Bynes

Date: November 2018

Bynes’ cover story appearance and accompanying interview for Paper magazine in 2018 was a momentous occasion, both for fans and for the star herself. In it, Bynes spoke candidly about what she’s been through over the years, including what she described as a period of drug addiction. Specifically, Bynes said she “definitely abused Adderall.” As of 2018, Bynes (who notably shouted out her parents for helping her achieve this accomplishment) said she was nearly four years sober.

“There are gateway drugs and thankfully I never did heroin or meth or anything like that but certain things that you think are harmless, they may actually affect you in a more harmful way,” she told writer Abby Schreiber. “Be really, really careful because you could lose it all and ruin your entire life like I did.”

Bynes enters mental health facility

Amanda Bynes is seen on August 25, 2015 in Los Angeles.

Date: June 2019

Bynes graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in California after five years. Bynes shared a photo of herself and a friend in their caps and gowns on graduation day on Twitter, writing, “FIDM graduate 2019 #fidmgraduation.”

Bynes first enrolled in the design school in 2014 but was reportedly kicked out of the school after starting “horrendous arguments” with classmates. She returned in 2017.

Bynes’ conservatorship ends after nine years

Amanda Bynes spotted in Hollywood in 2015

Bynes is placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold

Amanda Bynes in a photo she shared on Twitter and Instagram in 2019

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