A Florida Tale Involving Walter White and Meth

What are the odds?

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If there's a vehicle in the driveway of a home that sports a Walter White toy on its hitch, it's practically screaming "Hey, there's $1 million in meth somewhere in this house." 

Last week, authorities in Central Florida found 80 pounds of meth inside of a Lake Noma home. Jose Calvillo was pulled over and officers discovered $120,000 worth of meth in his truck. Homeland Security investigators then secured a search warrant for a possible stash house, where they found $1 million worth of meth hidden in a closet. 

In the driveway of the home was a vehicle with a Walter Hartwell White toy hanging from its hitch. What are the odds?

Jose Martinez-Romero, 44, was arrested and charged along with Calvillo. Their fate will be similar to Walter White, the real Walter White.

 [via The Huffington Post]

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