Ukrainian Boy Spends Family's Life Savings on Candy

Dennis the Menace, sit the hell down.

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A nine-year-old boy in Ukraine has guaranteed that he will never get another birthday present after spending his family's life savings on candy. Apparently, the kid knew that the money—roughly $4,000 in mixed currencies—was stashed under the sofa. While home during a fall break, he would take portions of the money, then had it converted to Ukrainian hryvnas, which he used to purchase candy.

He had an accomplice—an adult, who reportedly has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. In exchange for the man's help, the boy gave him a cut of the money. Though it may seem like the man was taking advantage of him, the kid was definitely the boss here. The boy couldn't eat all of that candy, so he demonstrated his unselfish nature by sharing with friends.

His father discovered that the money was missing after returning home from work one day, leading to a family argument that ended with the boy admitting to his heist. His parents were understandably furious, especially after the police told them that they couldn't help them get their money back. While this kid will someday be a great (if not shady) businessman, he's currently rocking the crown of "worst son in the world."

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