Trillectro Is (Kind Of) Back at the Howard Theatre Tomorrow Night (9/28)

Saving your weekend, one free party at a time.

Image via Trillectro

Rock the Bells was canceled in D.C. this weekend, leaving a gaping hole in weekend plans and the hearts of die-hard hip-hop fans eager for the festival's return to the area. Don't fret—the folks behind Trillectro have scrambled to give you the best replacement possible, given the time constraints. 

Tomorrow night, the Howard Theatre (620 T St. NW) will host another Trillectro Lite event from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m. No, it's not another festival, but it's something to do on a Saturday night to make you forget about the fact that you didn't go to Rock the Bells that day and won't be going tomorrow, either. It's free with the RSVP and "trill surprises" have been promised. 

This is the closest you'll get to another Trillectro until next year, so take their advice and get there early.

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