Police in Canada Thwart Mass-Shooting Plot

Three suspects were arrested, another committed suicide.

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Authorities in Canada prevented a mass shooting from taking place this week. 

According to the Guardian, the plan was stopped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police yesterday. Police were reportedly tipped off that a 19-year-old Nova Scotia man and 23-year-old Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath of Geneva, Ill. looked to procure weapons. They reportedly planned to travel to a public place in Halifax, Nova Scotia today, open fire on pedestrians, then commit suicide. 

The Associated Press reports that the 19-year-old killed himself after police flocked to his home in Timberlea. Souvannarath was arrested at an airport in Halifax along with co-conspirator Randall Steven Shepherd, 20. An unidentified 17-year-old was also detained in connection with the plot, but the Associated Press notes that he was released without being charged due to lack of evidence. 

The RCMP released the following statement on the incident: 

We believe we have apprehended all known individuals in this matter and eliminated the threat. We are not seeking any further suspects at this time.

[via The Guardian and Associated Press]

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