Gunman Shot During San Diego Screening of "Les Misérables"

When will the madness end?

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A gunman was shot by police officers during a Saturday screening of the Golden Globe-winning Les Misérables in San DiegoTom Billodeaux, 20, allegedly came to the theater following a fight with his girlfriend. When witnesses stepped in, Billodeaux threatened them all with a firearm before fleeing to a shopping mall.

Authorities were forced to shut down the shopping center, deploying 20 squad cars, police dogs, and a helicopter. Eventually, they got news of an armed man entering the Reading Cinemas Carmel Mountain. The theater was evacuated and searched until they found Billodeaux at a viewing of Les Misérables.

Billodeaux went along with police demands, but they opened fire when he reached for his lap, striking him in the arm and chest. He was arrested and taken to Palomar Medical Center.

[via Gawker]

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