Former Student Sues School Over Roommate's Zesty Extracurricular Activities

Uptight much?

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In the wake of a senior year packed with off-the-wall sexual activity, a former student of Massachusetts' Stonehill College is suing the school for $150,000 in damages—even though she wasn't the one having sex.

Poor Lindsay Blankmeyer (second image) claims that her roommate Laura Sidla's(third image) sex life ruined her own lack thereof. The escapades allegedly included "sexually inappropriate video chatting" (read: Skype sex) and the real thing, all of which occurred in close range of Blankmeyer.

To hear Blankmeyer tell it, the situation exacerbated her depression, leading to thoughts of suicide. Because nobody needs that drama during their senior year, Blankmeyer decided to sue the school directly. Naturally, Stonehill clapped back:


The girl had outs, clearly. And you know what? Not having sex would exacerbate depression.

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