Drunk Hipster Flips Out Over Heavy D's Passing in Chicago (Video)

Few things rival entertainment at the expense of a hipster.

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Everything about this drunken tirade from a hipster on an L platform in Chicago is wrong. After spitting on the ground, he rambles about Heavy D's death, then voices his dismay over Eric Sermon's heart attack. His over the top screaming suggests some type of fat guy empathy that we don't fully understand, but would respect if it weren't coming from him. 

His rant turns racial when someone corrects him for referring to Joe Frazier as "Joe Francis." From head to toe, fat Jonah Hill's ghost here is a mistake. The green cardigan, yellow tie-dye shirt and purple pants combo-accented by his orange hat-makes him look like bum in a half-Barney, half-Gumby suit that threw up all over himself.

We didn't need to ridicule this hipster ignoramus, seeing as how he made a fool of himself on his own, but it was fun. And easy. Watch this with the knowledge that somewhere, in another another city, another drunken idiot will embarrass himself in a similar fashion. Just pray that the camera is rolling.

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