Captain Caught With 800 Pounds of Cocaine; Says "There's Nothing Wrong With Cocaine Trafficking"

Welcome to the Yacht Club, where cocaine smuggling and arrests are nothin'.

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Last month, Canadian captain John Stirling was caught in the Caribbean with 358 packets of cocaine on his 64-foot yacht, known as Atlantis V. The boat was spotted by the Coast Guard 300 miles from Colombia, and one crew member even tried to swim to freedom because he knew what he was transporting.

After being arrested, Stirling said that there was nothing wrong with trafficking cocaine and suggested that the United States mind its business. He even went as far as to say that he and the other cocaine cowboys arrested with him would be able to find legit jobs if taxes weren't so high. Stirling was previously busted with $300 million worth of coke and $6.5 million in weed, so let's assume he knows to get out of shit like this. You have to be pretty arrogant to get caught riding dirty with 800 lbs of that white and brush it off.

[via The Miami New Times]

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