Who Invited the Alligator to the Picnic?

Everybody hates the guest that eats all of the food.

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Rodney Cammauf was preparing to eat his lunch in Homestead, Fla. when an alligator crashed the party and  devoured the meal. The 68-year-old photographer was enjoying burgers with friends when the hungry gator emerged from the water, sending Cammauf and friends running in fear.

Once the alligator had his fill, Cammauf got close enough to take pictures of it. "I felt extremely apprehensive when I saw the alligator approaching. They're obviously not fluffy rabbits so you need to be very careful with them," he said. He added that the entitled alligator "just thought the picnic had been set up there for him."

Who was going to tell him "no." Someone eventually chased the gator back into the water, but not before he punished the entire feast alone.

[via New York Daily News]

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