Watch Jimmy Kimmel Troll Unsuspecting Pedestrians With Fake Jay Z and Beyoncé Baby Names

Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street to congratulate Jay Z and Beyoncé on their newborn twins, even though no one knows their names yet.

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On June 17, Beyoncé finally gave birth to her twins—one boy and one girl, reportedly—and had everyone completely and totally shook. But now comes the next big mystery: What are their names? Rumors began floating around last month that indicated Jay Z and Beyoncé named their twins Sir and Rumi, but as of yet, there has been no official confirmation from the Carter camp. According to a TMZ report, those two names were copyrighted by a company owned by the couple in order to use them on a wide range of merchandise. 

But it's a well-known law of the universe that if you look confident and have a camera crew backing you up, people will believe almost anything you say. Especially if you claim to know incredibly valuable information such as the names of the most publicly anticipated twins of 2017.

And that was the entire premise of Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s latest segment in which random people on the street were asked to congratulate Jay Z and Beyoncé on the birth of their twins and comment on their beautiful names. The names were, of course, made up, and included such gems as Cucumber and Uvula, Denver and Omelette, Landline and Retweet, and Bed Bath and Beyond-cé.

Although this skit is pretty funny, we’ll all have to keep waiting to find out what Blue Ivy’s little brother and sister are really named. Considering how extra Beyoncé was about her pregnancy announcement and how excited the couple was about the new additions to the family, even going as far as to throw a Nigerian-themed "Carter Push Party," it shouldn’t be too long before we’re blessed with this precious and highly important information.

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