Harvey Weinstein Admits to Offering Women 'Acting Jobs in Exchange for Sex,' Says 'Everyone' Does It

Despite being accused of rape and sexual harassment by nearly 100 women and facing a slew of charges that could see him thrown in prison for the rest of his life, Harvey Weinstein is out here giving interviews and asserting some degree of innocence.

Since October 2017, scores of women have come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. Last month, he was finally brought to court in New York City on multiple charges of rape, to which he pled not guilty. In addition, he could potentially face life in prison for separate sex crime charges. 

As if this was not enough, he has now given an interview to The Spectator magazine in which he admits he exchanged sex for work in his movies, but denies ever having raped anyone. 

“Yes, I did offer them acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so did and still does everyone,” Weinstein told the magazine. “But I never, ever forced myself on a single woman.”

Weinstein also confusingly compared himself to the article’s author, Taki Theodoracopulos, complaining that he was not as good looking as Theodoracopulos and couldn’t get girls to "look at" him before he became successful. As if not being insecure is a free pass to rape, sexually assault, and ruin the careers of nearly 100 women. (Theodoracopulos has appeared in a film directed by James Toback, who has been accused by over 300 women of sexual harassment.) 

“You were born rich and privileged and you were handsome,” Weinstein said. “I was born poor, ugly, Jewish, and had to fight all my life to get somewhere.”

“You got lotsa girls, no girl looked at me until I made it big in Hollywood,” Weinstein added. 

Weinstein also disgustingly poked at the rumors that Asia Argento, who was dating Anthony Bourdain at the time of his death last month, was cheating on the chef. Rose McGowan, a close friend of Argento, has claimed the two had an open relationship that is not for the public to judge—Weinstein said the open relationship story was “obviously not true” and said the two women made it up. Both Argento and McGowan are two of the most vocal of Weinstein’s accusers: both have accused him of raping them at different film festivals

McGowan also took to Twitter to respond to the Spectator piece. She refuted his claim by saying he had never met him before he raped her, and was in the middle of working on her second film for his production company. 

Being that I was in the middle of my second film for his company, having NEVER met him before the morning of my rape, and never worked for him again, this is a clear lie. Nice try, rapist. https://t.co/A2l3U1Wp4h

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