Nick Cannon Professes His Love for Snickers and Pickle Combo and People Aren't Convinced

Nick Cannon said on his talk show that he's been a longtime admirer of the "Snickle," a Snickers sandwiched between a split pickle, before eating the combo.

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We knew Nick Cannon was a multi-hyphenate, but we never would’ve thought he’s also a self-proclaimed “Snickle-eating champion.” 

Cannon had a segment about strange food combinations with food blogger Emily Chan on a recent episode of his self-titled talk show. After being pleasantly surprised by the air fryer pasta chip concoction and utterly repulsed by mac and cheese ice cream, he was reintroduced to an old love: the Snickle. “I’m all about the Snickle...I feel like I might be the Snickle-eating champion. I did this on my radio show. I’ve eaten lots of Snickles.” 

Even though he tried to convince the audience that the Snickle was good, he was unable to win over the crowd or the people watching online, who took to Twitter to express their disgust for the unusual combo.

Wow. I hate this. I am officially uncomfortable. I want to get off this planet right now.

— Nitro-Spidey ♠️ (@NitroSpidey) March 17, 2022

This is not what we mean when we say sweet and savory

— Leevante, but 😮‍💨 (@CrazyEightsLV) March 17, 2022

Snickles may have gained popularity over the last year, but their existence dates back, at least, a little bit further. The YouTube duo of Rhett and Link gave it a try in 2018 on their show, Good Mythical MORE, where they even referred to the concoction as a Snickle. 

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