Miles Morales NPC TikToker Confronted by Security During Live Recording: 'Imma Do My Own Thing'

More than 20,000 viewers witnessed the bizarre interaction.

Image via Getty/Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto

TikToker Leaks World, popularly known for his NPC version of Miles Morales, was recently confronted by a security guard for allegedly recording his livestream on private property.

A security guard can be heard off-camera telling Leaks World to relocate because he was filming in a "gray area" where the spot, while not on private property, was still technically off-limits. He showed viewers that he was filming on the sidewalk.

Leaks World maintained a calm demeanor throughout the conversation and mentioned to the guard that he was "here to respect the rules" before explaining what he was doing prior to their discussion.

Leaks World was interrupted once more by the security guard, who told him that his command wanted to speak to him. "Nah, Imma do my own thing," an understandably frustrated Leaks World repeatedly told the guard.

As their conversation continued, Leaks World stayed in character, asking the guard why he was being treated this way since he's actually Miles Morales.

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The guard eventually gave up and Leaks World showed his appreciation for his viewers, totaling over 20,000, that stuck it out with him throughout the entire ordeal.

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