'Best Friend From Heaven' Is the Wedding Planning Dog Movie You Have Been Waiting For

'Best Friend in Heaven' turns a selfish dead dog into a wedding planner for his former owners.

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The constant criticism surrounding Hollywood films these days is that there's no originality. Nowadays, there's just remakes and superhero flicks flooding the theater. If you're part of that group of individuals who feel as though the film industry is lacking some serious IP, or intellectual property, then feast your eyes on the trailer for this whack job of a movie called Best Friend From Heaven.

On the day a woman is supposed to get married, her dog Gabriel chases a squirrel onto a nearby street and apparently gets struck and killed by a passing car. "What is this place?" Gabriel (who can suddenly grasp the English language) asks another dog. "You're walking on a cloud, and listening to harps," the other dog responds. After hearing this stranger state the obvious, like sitting in a cloud, and hearing a harp playing, Gabe realizes that he's in heaven, but vows to return because he's got some unfinished business. 

"Hey guys, I'm back...I can talk now," Gabriel tells his owners as they appear to be grieving his loss over a cross in the backyard. Gabe comes across a random person who can actually hear and see him, so the dog forces his newfound friend to throw away everything currently going on in his life to become a wedding planner for his former owners. 

The owners eventually get married and the dog secretly fulfills its desire to become a wedding planner. The worst part of the film may be when Gabriel realizes that they were always going to get married eventually, but the dog had to make it about itself. However, before Gabe can realize it, he returns to heaven. 

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