Fans React to the Final ‘Arthur’ Episode Featuring Characters All Grown Up

After 25 seasons, the beloved children’s TV series 'Arthur' aired its final episode, which takes a look at what became of the characters 20 years later.

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The beloved children’s TV series Arthur came to an end on Monday after 25 seasons on the air. 

Last week, PBS teased a look at the future of the Arthur characters with the help of a mysterious fortune-telling game. In the final episode, “All Grown Up,” we find out what becomes of many of the characters who inhabit Elwood City. Initially, we’re introduced to a  board game that determines their occupation based on their perceived qualities. However, their actual future isn’t actually unveiled until the show leaps 20 years into the future.  

Turns out, his best friend Buster becomes a teacher, as the game predicted. Muffy did get into the public servant field by running for mayor of Elwood. George manages the Super Bowl, Francine works for a sneaker company, Binky became a weatherperson, and his sister D.W. works as a traffic cop.  

As everyone gathers around Arthur and pressure him into revealing what he’s hiding with his hands, we discover that he has written the graphic novel Arthur’s Eyes, which is the title of the first episode of Arthur in 1996, per Los Angeles Times. As he begins to read his graphic novel aloud, it becomes clear that his story starts where the show began 26 years ago. 

“The idea occurred to me that this whole series has been something Arthur has created,” head writer Peter K. Hirsch told the Los Angeles Times. “So the suggestion is this has all been his memoir. We thought, ‘Oh, that’s fun. It’s a little meta.” 

Check out how viewers felt about the grown-up versions of Arthur & Co., as well as the response to the final episode and its big reveals. 

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