Professional Wrestler Chokes Out Unruly Train Passenger

And you say wrestling is fake.

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It seems safe to say that, had Levin Blair known that ex-WWE and TNA wrestler Shawn Daivari was on the train too, Blair probably would've toned down his antagonizing behavior. 

On a light-rail train in Minnesota, Blair rode drunk and disorderly, swearing and blocking the bike rack. When someone brought this to his attention, Blair began hurling racial epithets against the man, and then began taking out his anger on another passenger who told him to sit down and be quiet.

At this point, Blair got in the passenger's face and began saying that he "was going to kill [the passenger]," at which point Daivari got up and applied a picture perfect rear-naked chokehold on Blair. He then put Blair in a scissor hold, which forced Blair to pass out and soil himself (not entirely clear in which order). At the next train stop, Daivari and another passenger tossed Blair off the train, along with his belongings. 

After that, Daivari pinned the man, while a referee applied the three-count with his entrance music playing the background. 

[via The Huffington Post]

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