Google Taps Warby Parker to Design Stylish Headsets

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Sporting a face-sized computer doesn't exactly sound stylish, which is why Google tapped the trendy eyeglass startup, Warby Parker, to design a line of frames for Google Glass. 

From a functionality standpoint, the device sounds incredible, as evidenced by the video preview Google posted Wednesday, but the clunky glasses could use a makeover, lest they resemble a pair of ski goggles. 

Both Google and Warby Parker declined to verify the rumor, but according to two people briefed on the negotiations, the deal is in place but has yet to be finalized, reports The New York Times

The idea of ubiquitous computing inspired Google to make the headset, which takes verbal commands and seems to represent the future of augmented reality. In the video, users are shown recording a skydive, video chatting with a long-distance relative on her birthday, and mapping an alternative route to walk to a bookstore since the subway's shut down. Google Glass might also be used as a camera or a reality game, similar to the company's smartphone app, Ingress, or it might broadcast conversations or identify people on the street.  

That's a lot of possibilities, but Google's biggest challenge now is convincing people to actually wear it. Perhaps with Warby Parker's help, that goal might not be so far fetched. 

[via The New York Times]


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