Eric Schmidt: Your Online Mistakes Will Haunt You Forever

Teenagers are now in an adult world online," says Google's executive chairman.

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Speaking at the Telegraph's Hay Festival this week, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt warned against the dangers of sharing data online, especially when you're a teen. 

“We have never had a generation with a full photographic, digital record of what they did,” he said, explaing how young people today have to live with their mistakes in a way they never had to before.

He spoke of the risks of posting personal information such as phone numbers, and pointed out how parents who posts ultrasounds of their babies online are taking things to "overwhelmingly excessive levels." 

Fortunately, he said Google has a policy of erasing information about what people have searched for after a year. But even so, "there are situations in life that it’s better that they don’t exist. Especially if there is stuff you did when you were a teenager. Teenagers are now in an adult world online.”

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