Woman Suing Sperm Bank Over Bi-Racial Baby Loses Lawsuit

We all make mistakes...some bigger than others.

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A woman who sued a sperm bank for impregnating her with the wrong sperm has lost her lawsuit. Jennifer Cramblett filed the lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank back in 2014 for not only giving her the wrong sperm, but for mistaking a black donor for a white donor. According to Jezebel, even though the sperm bank acknowledged their mistake and gave Cramblett and her partner a refund, the distraught woman still wanted to sue the company. Her reasoning: “wrongful birth and breach of warranty, citing the emotional and economic losses she suffered.” And in case you’re thinking there might be some racial bias at play here, you’re right! In the suit, there was a reference to the undue stress and pain that “raising a mixed race daughter” had caused the family.

Perhaps smelling bullshit, a judge on Thursday decided that Cramblett’s suit had no merit. Wrongful birth suits are usually reserved for cases when children are born with birth defects that doctors should have warned parents about, and, in this case, the child was healthy, attorneys said. Cramblett was seeking $50,000 in damages (which she’ll now never see), but the judge did hint that she could refile the suit as a negligence claim.

Of course, she could also just stop trying to grub money from others and be grateful that she has a healthy baby, even she is part black. 

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