Watch the Super Violent Trailer for "Hardcore"

It's shot in first-person

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Hardcore, a movie shot in first person, is definitely trying to stretch cinematic boundaries and do something now film has done before. Watching the trailer almost feels like playing a video game, minus the fact that instead of a console in your hands, there’s a bag of popcorn.

As the title suggests, this film is hardcore, bruh. Think lots of blood, guts, guns, grenades, fires, and dead bodies. Fun stuff, no? As Vulture reports, the flick is about a mechanically enhanced guy who has to kill people before he runs out of time and dies. As the sexy nurse in the trailer says to him, “The truth is, you’re special.”

Other than that, it’s hard to tell what the film is about, but one thing’s for sure: this film will be memorable. 

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