Watch the new South Park Season 19 Trailer

Warning: Very NSFW

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The new trailer for season 19 of South Park just came out and well, one thing’s for sure, it’s NSFW. The one-minute long preview is chock-full of blood, poop, guts, guns, aliens, fire, and dying characters—which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s ever watched an episode of the Comedy Central show before.

Unfortunately, much of the footage in the montage comes from previous episodes, Uproxx reports, so what you’re seeing is deceiving. The show’s 18th season ended in December, so South Park has a lot of catching up with all the pop culture events and news that have happened in the last few months. And for the record, we’d like to make the prediction now that Jared from Subway will be popping up in a future episode. 

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