What's New on Netflix Australia in July 2019

Stranger Things is back July 4

Stranger Things 3

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Stranger Things 3

Mark your calendars: Stranger Things 3 will air on the 4th of July. *cue fireworks*

To get you in the mood, you could pick up a little something from the Nike x ST 'Hawkins Pack', or wait until July 4 to cop the Highsnobiety x ST collection.

Don’t much care for demogorgons and the Upside Down? No worries, we’ve rounded up July’s best Netflix Originals for you.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days (series)

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Netflix is expanding into the Korean drama realm, with Designated Survivor: 60 Days being the first of five k-dramas out this year.

This adaptation follows a similar format to its American predecessor: Environmental Minister Park Mu-jin is suddenly thrust into the highest office when an attack on the National Assembly kills everyone in the cabinet. As the acting president for 60 days, he must uncover the truth behind the violence.

The series stars Ji Jin-hee, best known for his role in the period drama Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace), as well as Lee Jun-hyeok and Heo Joon-ho. 

Designated Survivor: 60 Days airs July 1 on Netflix Australia.

Stranger Things 3 (series)

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1985: It’s summer in Hawkins, Indiana, and our teenage heroes are feeling the love. There’s Mike and Eleven, Lucas and Max, and Dustin and… Suzy? (The gang are skeptical that Dustin’s summer camp girlfriend actually exists).

And as if juggling schoolwork, puberty, and romance wasn’t enough, now they have to go for round two with the Mind Flayer, that terrifying shadow monster from season two.

Notable new cast mates in season three include Maya Hawke (Little Women) as Robin, Steve’s co-worker at the ice cream shop, and Jake Busey (The Predator) as Bruce, a Hawkins Post journalist.

All eight Stranger Things 3 episodes air on July 4 on Netflix Australia.

Point Blank (film)

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MCU darlings Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo lead the pack in Point Blank, a remake of the 2010 French thriller À Bout Portant. Paul (Mackie), an ER nurse, is forced to team up with a wanted murder suspect Abe (Grillo) in a desperate bid to save his pregnant wife from kidnappers. 

To throw an extra curveball, the pair will also have to face off with rival gangs and dirty cops that “want you dead, homie”.

Point Blank airs July 12 on Netflix Australia.

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein is one of the best show titles of all time, change my mind. 

This new mockumentary sees David Harbour (Stranger Things) unearth lost footage from his father’s televised stage play, Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein. The 28-minute-special will feature over-the-top renditions of this tale of ‘mystery and suspense’, with a little help from Alfred Molina (Frida), Kate Berlant (Easy) and other special guests.

FMMF is directed by Daniel Gray Longino (Kroll Show) and written by John Levenstein (Kroll Show, Arrested Development).

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein airs July 16 on Netflix Australia.

Details are still murky about this upcoming film, but we do know that Brenda Song, a.k.a. London Tipton from Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is playing the lead. (Is anyone else just now realizing her character’s name was based on Paris Hilton?)

Newlywed Jennifer (Song) suffers amnesia after being attacked at a rest stop. Unable to recall anything from her past, she is whisked away by her grateful husband Russell (Mike Vogel). So begins the manhunt for her assailant, who may actually be closer than she realises.  

Secret Obsession airs July 18 on Netflix Australia.

Orange is the New Black: Season 7 (series)

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Pour one out: with this seventh season, Orange is the New Black is finally coming to a close. One of Netflix’s first Originals, the show has long been lauded for its representation of women of colour and women in incarceration. 

ICYMI, season six ended with Blanca being sent off to an immigration detention centre, while Piper was granted an early release – you don’t have to reach very far to draw parallels irl.

Season seven will pivot between Piper’s uneasy resettlement back into society, and the inmates still serving out their sentences at Litchfield Penitentiary. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, lead actress Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman) hoped that season seven helps “people feel seen, and that there’s a reflection in the series of what has been happening to the cultural collective.”

Orange is the New Black: Season 7 airs July 26 on Netflix Australia.

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