Check out the New Mind Blowing Battle Footage for Final Fantasy XV

Only a game like this can come from the minds of Japanese developers

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Final Fantasy games have been on a downhill for sometime now and most of us have been burnt by FFXIII that we no longer trust developers Square Enix to bring the same brand of excellence and quality that the long-running RPG series was once known for. However recently things have been changing, for starters they granted every gamers' (and Wapanese/weeaboos' – Google it) dreams when they announced the long-awaitedFFVII remake and now they’ve revealed new footage of the equally anticipated FFXV.

Since it’s initial reveal, FFXV has been looking like the game fit to bare the prestigious 'Final Fantasy' title and usher in a new age for the struggling JRPG-genre. This new footage points to that being the case, as we find our heroes infiltrating an enemy base Metal Gear Solid-style. Aside form the really lush graphics, the gameplay nicely intertwines elements of stealth and action whilst keeping that signature RPG style.

It’s certainly a far cry from the turn based elements that the FF series is well known for, but in our opinion this change in style and pace is exactly what it needs to attract interest for a new age of gamers whilst remaining to faithful to its core fan base.

More footage and information is due to be revealed this Friday (February 5th) with the game expected to released sometime this year.

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