“The Dark Knight Returns” Might Get The Animated Film Treatment

Frank Miller’s classic Batman tale may be ready for a new look.


An animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s genre-defining Batman story The Dark Knight Returns is rumored to be in the works. This comes just months after it was announced that another Miller work, Batman: Year One, is also set to head straight to DVD courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation.

Warner Bros. has been releasing DC Comic animated features direct to DVD for years now, with their latest offering being All Star Superman. And while these two new Bat movies are seemingly ready to go, there's no release date, nor any word on voice cast members, just yet.

The Dark Knight Returns tells the story of an aging Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement and reclaiming the mantle of Batman in order to fight the increasingly corrupt city of Gotham. Batman:Year One, meanwhile, details the vigilante’s first year as Gotham’s defender through the eyes of a young Jim Gordon.

[Via Bleeding Cool]

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