Watch This New Clip From The Upcoming "Robocop" Remake

Warning: cheesy rock music inside.

Shockingly, Columbia PicturesRobocop remake is less than a month away and we’re just now seeing real footage from the film. Courtesy of IGN, the clip above showcases Robocop (Joel Kinnaman) testing out his new abilities against an army of robots and human combatants, including one played by Jackie Earle Haley.

The most noticeable departure from the original is just how quickly Robocop moves here. He’s more like Iron Man in this version, rather than the sluggish Frankenstein of the first one. And while all of the special effects look decent, the generic rock track just cheapens everything about the clip. Fans should keep an open mind about this one, but this clip won’t likely convert any doubters. Check it out for yourself.

Robocop hits theaters on February 12.

[via IGN]

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