Exclusive Preview: “The Savage Hawkman #9”

Liefeld returns!

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A product of DC’s Golden Age, Hawkman is actually one of the company’s oldest characters. He debuted in Flash Comics #1 in 1940, and was among the first superheroes to ever hit the mainstream in America. Since then, the character has been a part of some of the company’s most memorable stories as a member of the Justice League and Justice Society of America. 

But ever since DC’s “New 52” launched last year, the character has been the star of a new solo ongoing series, The Savage Hawkman. Originally written by Tony Daniel, The Savage Hawkman #9 touts the debut of new writer Rob Liefeld. Famous for his X-Force and Youngblood art during the ‘90s, Liefeld is trading in his pencils for a word processor as Joe Bennett is taking over the art duties on the series.

DC has provided us with a batch of exclusive preview art and a synopsis for The Savage Hawkman #9, which goes on sale May 23. Check it out below.


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