"Walking Dead" Star Steven Yeun and Felicia Day to Star in an Animated Movie Adaptation of Image Comics' "Chew"

“The Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun and Felicia Day are going to star in an animated “Chew” movie.

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Since 2009, Image’s comic book series Chew has been one of the best titles at the company, along with The Walking Dead. Written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory, the series focuses on an F.D.A. agent named Tony Chu who solves crimes dealing with the black market sale of poultry, which has become illegal after a bird flu outbreak killed millions.

Chu also happens to be a cibopath—meaning he can get a psychic impression from a crime scene by devouring the evidence. This makes him a great detective, but it also means he has to nibble on the occasional corpse in order to get a clue.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, producer David Boxenbaum and director Jeff Krelitz are adapting the series into an animated movie, starring the voices of Steven Yeun and Felicia Day. Yeun is playing Chu, while Day will provide the voice for his love interest, Amelia Mintz, who is a food critic with the uncanny ability to describe food so deliciously that the reader can actually taste it.

According to the site, the movie will have a digital broadcast and home entertainment release, so don’t expect it to actually hit theaters. Still, Chew is finally getting the mainstream love it deserves, and everything about it sounds spot-on so far.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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