Bret Easton Ellis Says He Was Once Invited to One of Bryan Singer's "Underage" Parties

Bret Easton Ellis claims he was once invited to one of Bryan Singer’s parties.

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Bryan Singer’s alleged notorious sex parties with barely legal young men were apparently an open secret in Hollywood for years, and after the director was hit with sexual abuse charges by one attendee, people in show business began to speak out. On Bret Easton Ellis’ podcast (via The Wrap), the author talked about the time he was approached to go to one of Singer’s get-togethers a few years back while attending a dinner party with friends.

“I said where are you guys going? And they said, ‘We're going over to one of Bryan's underage parties in Encino at the M&C Estate,’ or whatever it was called,” Ellis said Monday. “And I said ‘Really, those are going on?’ And they said ‘Oh yeah, yeah. You should just see it, as a goof.’ … I just didn't really feel comfortable. I had been drinking, and didn't want to drive and whatever.”

Ellis also revealed that he once dated a man in his late 20’s who had been invited to Singer’s for a few of these parties at one point.

“There was another guy that I dated who was in his late 20s and he said he had been one of those guys who had been invited to those parties for about 2 or 3 months,” the author said. “And he's a sensitive guy and he wasn't at all into the drugs, but he was kind of into the parties and the sex and the attention. And could easily understand — I guess he was 17? I don't know how old he was — what was expected of him.”

Singer has denied the allegations made by Michael Egan, who has accused the director of sexually abusing him at one of these parties when he was only 17. Ellis goes into even further detail on the subject with True Blood creator, Alan Ball. You can listen to the entire episode below:[via The Wrap]

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