"Amazing Spider-Man 2" Viral Site Teases Even More Villains

Does the name Fancy Dan mean anything to you?

Image via Sony Pictures

One of the more interesting aspects of the marketing campaign for Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been its Daily BugleTumblr. This viral marketing source has clued fans in on certain plot points about the movie and has included references to easter eggs we might see in the film. The latest post on the site was written by “Frederick Foswell,” who is a reporter-turned-villain from the comics known as the Big Man. The post makes numerous references to New York’s gang problem and hints at a classic Spider-Man villain. Check it out:

Gregarious, boastful men fill the Brighton beach night scene — every single one of them with a spectacular guttural baritone voice that makes one wonder if there are any gangster tenors.

Longtime comic book readers know that Fancy Dan was part of the mob group known as The Enforcers. The Enforcers were usually seen working with Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, during the initial Stan Lee/Steve Ditko run on The Amazing Spider-Man title.

It hasn’t been confirmed that The Enforcers will appear in the movie, but with Sony looking to open up Spidey’s world to multiple sequels and spin-offs, it wouldn’t be surprising if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has more cameos than the studio has led us to believe.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will hit theaters on May 2, 2014.

[via The Daily Bugle]

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