Belgian Researchers Are Developing Contact Lenses That Display Text Messages

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It seems Google, Apple, and Microsoft will have a new competitor in the high-tech eyewear market soon.  Belgian researchers are currently working on a spherical curved LCD display that will fit across contact lenses. As Kenneth Rosen of Mashable reports: 

While other attempts have fallen short in the past, this technology could cover an entire lens worth of text, images and other visuals.There's also a more practical use for these contact-lens screens: adaptable sunglasses. Similar to transition lenses for eyeglasses, the contact lenses would darken on exposure to light, to protect from the sun's rays, for example.

It's remains to be seen just how advanced the lenses will be, but the product does sound promising. The only downside: Now you'll never be able to use the "I didn't see your text message" excuse again.

[via Mashable]

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