Two Artists are Selling the Smudges on Their iPads as Art

But, is it really art?


Artists Andre Woolery and Victor Abijaoudi took the fingerprints off their iPad touchscreens and turned them into thirteen colorful pieces of art—and they're not on the cheap side. 

They debuted the series of acrylic paintings, which they're calling "Inside Hieroglyphics," back at South by Southwest in March. It's a collection of fingerprints that gathered on their iPad touchscreens while they used email and apps like Facebook, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. According to their website, they're calling the pieces 'hieroglyphics' because hieroglyphics are a "window into another world," like an iPad touchscreen. It's a poetic idea, and the paintings are stylishly minimalistic; but is it worth $1,999.99? If it isn't to you, you can still get a photograph of one of the paintings for $39.99. 

Though, it raises the age old question: why pay for something that, in this case, not only a five-year-old can do, but anyone with two eyes and a hand?

[via HuffPost]

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