Nice Guy Wants to Surprise Friend With SNES Paint Job. It Doesn't Go as Planned.

A surprise "Donkey Kong" paint job doesn't turn out as planned.

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We all like to do nice things for others from time to time. In most cases there's a clear right way, and a wrong way, to do them. Unfortunately, surprising someone can tread dangerously close to the latter.

Just a few months ago my mom's power button on her iPhone 4S broke, so I wanted to fix it for her myself. I bought the part off of Ebay, opened up an instructional video on YouTube, and asked my mom if I could see her phone for a bit while she got ready for bed. What I thought would take two hours turned into five. Then six. By the time I finished, the button clicked (it didn't before) but the phone didn't turn on. My good gesture turned to shit. Luckily, I knew things don't always go perfectly, so I had already set aside money for a new phone for my mom just in case I couldn't fix it. And that's what I ended up doing. I had a backup plan.

Now, Reddit user qwerqwert had all of the best intentions when he offered to repair his friend's Super Nintendo. Simply fixing it would have been nice enough, but qwerqwert likes his friend so much that he wanted to give the SNES a custom paint job. It had turned a nasty yellow, as old gray consoles tend to do. So he mocked up this bad boy in a photo editor:


Took his friend's SNES apart:


Cleaned, sanded, primed, hand painted, wet sanded, and cleared the console:



Then had some trouble with the original camo design, and opted for a jungle look:


All that was left was the Donkey Kong logo:


And this...


... turned into this...


While qwerqwert was proud of his creation, the Reddit community tore into him:





But qwertqwert seems to be OK despite the criticism.


Check out qwert's original thread here, and the comments here.

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