The NRA Is About to Face Its Biggest Threat: Bill Gates and His Money

Bill Gates—the world's richest human—has backed a Washington state initiative that requires personal background checks for all firearms.

Image via IB Times

It's becoming increasingly apparent in our country, money—depending on the direction it's thrown—can turn the course of our history. Luckily, we have some good guys with a lot of money.

The Daily Beast reports that Bill Gates—the world's wealthiest human—has backed a Washington state initiative that requires personal background checks for all firearms purchased within its borders. Now supporters of the initiative will have $1 million in Gates' money to fund their effort. Thanks to Washington being home to tech giants Microsoft and Amazon, other funds to support the cause have come from Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen, who donated $500,000, and Amazon investor Nick Hanauer, who donated $1.4 million. Washington residents will vote on Initiative 594 on November 4.

As Beast writer Cliff Schecter points out, having Gates' name behind the initiative can cause it to go viral, thanks to a combination of media attention and legitimacy, and may drive more donations their way. If the 594 does pass in Washington, that opens the gate for Gates to put his money behind similar initiatives in other states. Hey, this is the man who has saved more than a million lives in Africa over the last decade, thanks to his work to fight malaria.

The NRA, on the other hand, is working on ways to make guns "cool" again. You know, like how guns were the thing to have back when Clint Eastwood played a cowboy in the Wild West? Or when Chuck Norris starred in every other movie in the 80s? But that was decades ago, it's not like the NRA would have to dig that far back to find a movie star to vouch for them... oh, wait.

Okay, well at least Chuck Norris has a meme going for him. But Bill Gates isn't exactly "cool," right? He's just a smart guy with glasses. It's not like the NRA would try to appeal to people with a similar look...

... nevermind.

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