Lib Dems Release a Cassetteboy Style Cut-Up Cause They're so Down With the Kids

Uptown Funk isn't gonna give you a better share of the vote.


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The Lib Dems today released the YouTube equivalent of Nick Clegg turning his chair around and telling you he wants to "get down to some real-talk". Taking the success of previous political cut-ups, they've done what politicians often do and ruined something cool.

The political cut-up is a means of protest against political spin, against the pictures politicians want to paint of themselves. Pioneers like Cassetteboy have used the medium to make Tony Blair say "I say lies" and David Cameron say "I am disgusted by the poor", even Sky News's Scottish referendum megamix, of debatable value, was a lighthearted jibe at the rhetoric around the independence vote. 

Cassetteboy let his feelings be known...


We feel ya...

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