Cap’n Crunch Shares His Adventure-Filled ‘Crunch It List’ as He Celebrates His 60th Birthday

Cap'n Crunch is celebrating a milestone 60th birthday by putting together what would be his best bucket list adventures in his own exclusive Crunch It List.

Header Image Complex Crunch It List

Image via Liam Eisenberg

Header Image Complex Crunch It List

It’s official, Cap’n Crunch cereal is celebrating a milestone 60th birthday this year. Introduced to the world in 1963, this cereal became one of the greatest additions to any breakfast table, with a palette of delicious flavors ranging from Peanut Butter Crunch to the classic Crunch Berries. Cap’n Crunch is celebrating his 60th birthday with the release of a brand-new birthday-themed flavor, Birthday Crunch.

This also means that the Cap’n himself – Horatio Magellan Crunch, who has led quite the adventurous life , is celebrating his 60th birthday. The beloved, mustached mascot has spent the better part of the last century not only sailing the Milky Seas around Crunch Island with his nautical crew Alfie, Dave, Carlye, and Seadog, but providing moments and thrills for generations of families throughout the world. So, with sixty adventure-filled years of experience, what’s left for Cap’n to do?

Cue the Crunch It List.

For Cap’n, age is just a state of mind, and he has way more sights to see and things to pursue for his 60th. No ordinary bucket list would do, so to celebrate the momentous occasion, Complex has created unique illustrations that interpret each item on the Cap’n’s ‘Crunch It List’ showcasing the adventures the Cap’n could embark on for the big 6-0.

Milky Seas Surfing

Complex Crunch It List 1

With Cap’n Crunch’s 60th birthday celebration so close to Crunch Island’s annual Beach Bash, Cap’n is looking to add something new to his skillset. While he’s no stranger to journeying around the Milky Seas, he could be making waves by swapping out his ship for a surfboard. On his custom Crunch Longboard, Cap’n would be pulling out new tricks and impressing everyone with his skills. He may be hanging ten, tube riding through waves, or he could even invent a new move called the Cinnamon Roll Crunch – where he spirals multiple times within the same tube creating the illusion of a cinnamon swirl. There’s no doubt in his mind he’ll be ready for the Beach Bash.

Crunch Mountain Cliff Climbing

Complex Crunch It List 1

Among all the incredible places on Crunch Island, Mt. Crunchmore overlooks it all at an eye-popping elevation of 30,000  feet. While no small feat for the Cap’n, he could fully scale Mt. Crunchmore’s rocky-yet-crunchy terrain. After an astounding two weeks, he would make it to the frosty peak to enjoy the breathtaking views of Crunch Island.

Crunch Music Festival

Complex Crunch It List 3

Cap’n Crunch has always been a major fan of music throughout the decades and he would love to bring all styles, genres, and eras together for a Crunch Fest Music Festival. A whole weekend of top acts would come in from around the world, providing amazing entertainment for the residents of Crunch Island. It would be headlined by Horatio Magellan himself, who would provide smooth, not soggy anthems – backed by a band made of his crew members. It would be a legendary weekend on Crunch Island.

Crunch Island Safari

Complex Crunch It List 4

Safaris are a fun way to embark on a unique experience and get up close and personal with wildlife in ways that you’ve never seen before. While the Cap’n has sailed the Milky Seas, the safari terrain is something that has also piqued his interest. Not only does he want to see what the Crunch Island Safari has to offer in terms of wildlife in the Choco-Caramel caves or Crunch Berry Forests, but he wants to visit the Crunch Berry Beast’s family. The Crunch Berry Beast has been part of the Cap’n’s adventures for years, and he could finally get a chance to introduce his family to the Cap’n and show him where he grew up.

Crunch Crew Flash Mob

Complex Crunch It List 5

The Cap’n has been full of surprises for his milestone birthday celebration, but no one knew he could move like this. In perhaps the most surprising item on his “Crunch It List,” he wants to put together a series of Flash Mob dances across Crunch Island. The dances would start on his ship, the SS Guppy, with his Crunch Crew and move throughout various landmarks on the island. The highly coordinated dances would be a great way for the Cap’n to maintain a sense of fun and unity with his crew. The Flash Mob would of course go viral all over the island and inspire everyone to copy and share dances of their own.

Crunch Island Games

Complex Crunch It List 6

A “Crunch It List” wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of gold. After winning the Crunch Island games during its inception, the Cap’n took 59 years off from defending the crown to Crunch-a-tize mornings with his loyal fans around the world. Well, who wouldn’t like a good comeback story? The Cap’n would love to win gold at the next Crunch Island Games in competitions like the Golden Barrell Vault, Deep Sea Crunch 200m Freestyle, Crunch Berry Basketball, and Track & Crunch. For his victory, he would walk away with the big golden Crunch Island Trophy, which would look amazing in the Cap’n’s quarters next to his original 1963 trophy.

For the last sixty years, the Cap’n and his crew have been in our lives (and our cereal bowls). Everyone, raise your glass of milk to the Cap’n, his inspiring “Crunch It List” and to 60 more years of Crunch-tastic adventures.

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