Watch Cardi B and Keith Lee Sample Some Burgers Together

Cardi B and Keith Lee chowed down on some Easy Street Burgers in Los Angeles.

Cardi B and Chance the Rapper stand together looking at a table, possibly evaluating food or products
Cardi B and Chance the Rapper stand together looking at a table, possibly evaluating food or products

It's the TikTok linkup we've all been waiting for. In a new video, Cardi B and Keith Lee connected in person to bond over food.

Months after Cardi defended Lee's reviews of Atlanta restaurants, the two met to try Easy Street Burgers, a Los Angeles staple that Lee counts as one of his favorite West Coast eateries.

"Since this person recommended this place, if I don’t like it I want to tell this person in their face that I don’t like it," Cardi began. "So, let me just bring them in."

Lee then enters the room, saying, "God is amazing." He then drops his signature phrase, "I got it, let's try it and rate it one through ten."

But Cardi warned Lee that she might give the burgers a harsh critique. "And I'ma let you know right now, I’m like a real big burger expert so if I don’t like it I’m going to tell you in your face," she said.

"Please be honest," Lee asked. He then explained that the restaurant has his favorite burger in L.A., the only burger spot to have received two 10 star ratings from him.


Try these LA burgers with me

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Cardi replied, saying that that she had recently vacationed in Colombia, where she had "the best burgers" that she'd ever had before giving her meal from Easy Street Burgers a look. Complimenting its presentation, sauce and smashburger style, she called it a "fancier Shake Shack," also comparing the burger to a chopped cheese.

The two later dove into a bacon and grilled onion burger, which Lee gave a 10. However, Cardi, who's not a bacon-lover like Lee is, gave it a 7 and returned to the jalapeno-topped burger, which she called her "favorite."

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Last December, Lee spoke on Complex's 360 With Speedy about receiving a co-sign from Cardi B.

"I love Cardi B as a person, or as what she shows on the internet as a person, because I don't know her personally" he said around the 9-minute mark of the video above. "I just love the fact that somebody with a platform as large as hers was coming out and saying, 'Hey, I had the same experiences.' It made it more humanized to say, 'Hey, these experiences aren't okay.'"

He continued, "For somebody like her with a huge platform to speak up and make it more of a known thing, I appreciate it."

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