T-Pain Announces Twitch Partnership, Shares Future Plans With Platform

T-Pain has signed an exclusive partnership with Twitch and will be dropping his latest single "I'm Cool With That" during an exclusive listening event.

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T-Pain linked up with Twitch to sign an official partnership, strengthening a connection between the music and livestreaming communities.

Along with the partnership, T-Pain is hosting an exclusive listening session to release his new single “I’m Cool With That,” which was made in collaboration with the Twitch community and will live on the “Powered by T-Pain” Twitch playlist. (You can now give it a listen up top as well.) A press release promises a music video next week.

“The track was created in real-time with T-Pain’s amazing Twitch community while he live streamed the beat, with fans who were tuned in assisting by commenting potential lyrics,” the release reads. “T-Pain was also joined by streamer VeryHandsomBilly who hopped on the song to play bass during the live-stream, proving that T-Pain’s Twitch community is unlike any other and truly helped the single come together!”


“I’m Cool With That” out Friday 10/29. This song is super special to me. I made the whole joint on @Twitch with chat. @very_billy came through on lead and bass guitar. Dropping exclusively on Twitch Soundtrack tomorrow at 8pm ET. Shoutout @NykiaViiri https://t.co/mqSbCzSEdM pic.twitter.com/KQcRb40Pn0

— T-Pain (@TPAIN) October 27, 2021

In a statement about the new collaboration, Twitch VP and Head of Music Tracy Chan said the new deal reflects how the company is trying to empower artists and show that they can make a living off music. “Twitch has always been a creator-centric service, and we are consistently pioneering new ways in which musicians can live off their art,” she said. “T-Pain is a shining example of a Twitch creator who is leveraging his community to curate his sound and give back—and he is inspiring other creators of all levels to do the same.” 

A press release notes that “the music category on Twitch has grown immensely over the past year—increasing 550% year over year.”

Pain was already an avid Twitch streamer before he made it official with the company. The rapper hosts several different shows and often listens to up-and-coming artists’ music live, offering his opinion on it.

“My favorite moment on Twitch of all time was discovering BigCheeseKIT and signing him to Nappy Boy Gaming,” T-Pain told Complex.

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Included in the new deal, T-Pain will also be doing monthly “Post Ya Song” and “Post Ya Beat” reviews on Twitch, where he’ll accept entries from community producers.

Having now made its premiere on Twitch, you can stream T-Pain’s new single “I’m Cool With That” up top through YouTube or here with Spotify:


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