French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who appears in Marvel’s upcoming show Moon Knighthas passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained in a ski accident, Deadline reports.

Per the AFP, the 37-year-old actor sustained a severe head injury on Tuesday while skiing on a mountain near Grenoble, France, and later died in the Grenoble University Hospital. The French outlet Le Parisien reports that the injury occurred after Ulliel collided with another skier on the slope.

Ulliel was set to make his MCU debut in Moon Knight by taking on the role of classic Moon Knight antagonist Anton Mogart, also known as Midnight Man. Before that, he had become a renowned actor in France for his roles in films like in Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent where he played French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. The film also competed at Cannes Film Festival.

The director of the festival, Thierry Fremaux, also spoke highly of Ulliel, calling him a young actor leading the way for the next generation of French cinema.

“Gaspard belonged to this new generation of actors who were making tomorrow’s French cinema. He knew how to select his roles and shaped his career which filled every promise,” Fremaux said. “Each appearance on the red carpet, from La Princesse de Montpensier to It’s Only The End of the World illustrated his presence, both discreet and full of kindness. He was equally brilliant and talented. He gave a lot and we’ll always remember him.”

Ulliel starred in several other films and shows, including Hannibal Rising, Saint Laurent, It’s Only The End Of The World, A Very Long Engagement, and more.